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The Readings

I offer 3 reading options via email - each for insight into specific issues you may have. Simply go to the "Book a Reading" section, select your reading, and ask your question. (* If this section is not visible, it means I presently cannnot take on any new questions.) For help - please refer to the "Questions" section. Your email reading will be a document in which I present your tarot spread with my interpretation, specifically for you. Lets get reading...!

FULL READING - £45   (in-person £60)

A full reading will follow a modified Celtic Cross layout, or an alternate format that is appropriate for the question. Card layouts will use up to 12 positions. This reading is for a detailed look into specific questions, exploring past influences, the present, and possible future connections.

Sample question1: "I feel that change is immanent, what might I need to be aware of in my life?"

Sample question2: "What factors may be impacting my current path?"

Celtic Cross

GUIDE READING - £35   (in-person £50)

A card reading with a twist! An 8 position layout with an added Bone Casting in its centre. Reading bones is a very old form of divination (3000 years), and combining cards & bones makes things more interesting.

The layout follows the phases of the moon and can be called Khonshu’s Wheel (or Selene's Wheel).

This reading is for general questions & where you are now in your life.

8 position

Sample question1: "What message do my guides/guardian spirits have for me?"

Sample question2: "I am thinking about doing N, how may this decision affect me and what might be my experience?"


BRIEF READING - £25   (in-person £40)

A brief reading is a 3 position layout giving a snapshot look into a particular issue. It aims for a concise answer to a specific question.

3 position

Sample question1: "What do I need to understand about my current relationship with X?"

Sample question2: "What might I consider in choosing between A and B?"

Three decks to choose from

I use the following decks for readings. Please select the one you prefer when you book.

  1. Samhain Deck of the Bastard (2nd Ed.), used with permission, ©2015 Seven Stars, tarotbyseven.com.
  2. The Parallel Worlds Tarot, used with permission, ©2014 Astrid Amadori, parallelworldstarot.com.
  3. The Trippin’ Waite Tarot, used with permission, ©2019 James Battersby, tarotcollectibles.com.

N.B. Please contact me if you are unsure about which reading option best suits your question.


Gendron deck
Halloween deck
Waite deck

“Tanga interprets the cards in a holistic way and weaves her own special magic to piece together what comes up - it is a most reassuring and insightful experience.” - Bea.

Book a Reading

Readings Available:

* The 'Readings Available' indicator shows how many readings I can do presently. If my 'Book a Reading' form is not visible, it means I cannot take on any new questions right now. You will need to wait a short while before you can book your reading. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading for you.

Tarot Question Summary:

  • Take responsibility for your situation, and ask questions that empower you - avoid expecting the reading to give you a yes/no answer or make your decisions for you.
  • Formulate your question with a positive and enquiring mind.
  • Focus on your own experience and do your best to stay neutral to the topic.
  • I will not answer questions that are for a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor - nor specifically for a third party.

*Gift vouchers are available. Please contact me for details. You must be over 18 to book.

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. All Readings and Vouchers are non-refundable.
  2. You must be over 18 to book a reading. Readings for a third party are respectfully declined.
  3. Your reading will be executed upon receipt of full payment and on receipt of your booking form with the required personal details supplied. You will receive your reading within 5 days (in the case of unforeseen circumstance - I will contact you).
  4. Payment online is via PayPal, and it will incur a PayPal processing fee which is added to the total amount before submission (currently 3.4% + 20p per transaction).
    You do not need a PayPal account to use the 'check out' facility - you can use your credit/debit card to make your payment direct. Alternatively, you can send a cheque in the post. Please contact me to discuss.
  5. Readings are strictly for your interest, assistance, and entertainment, and free will is your own - I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, from the guidance or ideas suggested within your tarot reading - or on this website.

“Dear Tanga, I've just seen and read my Tarot reading. Really fantastic. It put shivers down me! I can’t thank you enough... it is such a great gift.” - Clara.


Tarot frequently asked questions
  • 1. Q: How soon can I receive my reading?
    A: Within 5 days. I will do my best to reply a.s.a.p. If I am away from my home office, or my reading appointments are full for the month, my booking access will be disabled - so you will need to wait for a short while before you can book your reading.
  • 2. Q: What questions can I ask?
    A: Questions can be about anything to do with your life; relationships, work and career. Please think carefully about your question and formulate it with an open- ended positively enquiring mind, for the best results.

The very process of framing your question with consideration, gives you helpful insights into your own situation, which means you are already working positively on your particular puzzle.

Please avoid questions that displace responsibility away from yourself. Your life is your own and final decisions optimally should lie with you. Focus on your own experience in your question and do your best to stay neutral to the topic.

I will not answer questions that are for a doctor/therapist, lawyer, financial advisor, or on behalf of a third party.

Rather I will encourage you to seek out the advice of the appropriate professionals in these cases. For example, I will not answer: "What is causing my health problem?" - but rather: "I suffer from x health condition. How can I best support my own health, in addition to medical advice and medication already prescribed?"


Tiger's eye
More example questions are:
  • “What do I need to understand about my new relationship and the factors that are impacting it?” this is more constructive than - “Does he have a crush on me?”
  • “How can I create a spirit of co-operation concerning the communal chores?” is more constructive than - “Why am I the only one who is doing the communal chores?”
  • “How do I contribute to Janet's addiction problem?” is more constructive than - “What is the source of Janet's addiction problem?”
  • “In what ways can I improve my communication in a group setting?” is more constructive than - “Why can't I overcome my fear of public speaking?”
  • “I am retiring and am considering moving to the country from my city dwelling. How might this affect me? What are the pros and cons of retiring to the country?”
  • “I am planning a second home business to generate extra income which I hope to execute in 4 months time. What do I need to know to help accomplish this and balance it successfully in my life?”

If you are enquiring about another person - ask yourself this:

- Do you have strong emotions about this person? - Do you have a vested interest in the situation? - Do you desire a particular outcome? (and also, do you only hold good intensions towards them?). If you reply yes to any of these - it's advisable that you fashion your question with a focus on yourself rather than the other person.

N.B. The Tarot reader's position is: “Your cards are 'in my hands' - but your destiny is 'in your hands'.”

  • 3. Q: Can I have follow up questions?
    A: Yes, I am happy to answer questions about your reading, and I may ask for more information from you or ask you what ideas may strike you as we discuss your reading.
    Please ask within 48 hours of receipt, as after this, memory may not serve as well anymore. For follow-up questions away from the current reading, please request a new reading.
  • 4. Q: How soon can I have another reading?
    A: In 3 months time. Life should be allowed time to unfold .

Payment is accepted through PayPal on a secure server. (No cookies or spyware used to capture information about you or your visit here).

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